Sculpt the Figure with James Sondow from Saint Petersburg’s Repin Academy

This course will introduce students to the Russian Academic method of conceptualizing and sculpting the human figure. This method relies heavily on composition and construction as well as the anatomical underpinnings of idealized form from antiquity. This approach is part of a living tradition that has passed down through an unbroken chain of generations since the Academy’s inception over 250 years ago.  

Sculpting From Life
Tuesdays 2pm-5pm or 6pm - 9pm
$395 for 6 sessions September 4th - October 9th
Working from the model, students will be guided to see the figure as a clear demarcation of
planes that integrate the weight, proportion, gesture, and likeness. This will provide conviction
to students’ work as they are pushed past simple silhouettes to think three dimensionally and feel how the various anatomical planes flow together and bind a complex set of distinct structures into the totality that is sculpture.

Thursdays 2pm-5pm or 6pm- 9pm
$295 for 6 sessions  September 6th - October 11th
Students will chose a theme around which to create their own figural composition. After developing their ideas, they will create small sculptural studies inspired by discussions of masterworks and one-on-one critiques from the professor. By working small, they focus on creating a harmonious whole upon which details are integrated. The joy taken in rendering a hand or a knee is not done for its own sake, but must create a focal point or counterbalance to another aspect of the piece. Students will find the large architectonic planes of their figure that guide the viewer’s eye from accent to accent, unifying the sculpture. That unity is composition.

The two classes are optimally taken together as sculpting from life will inform how you proceed with your own creations and your compositions will pose questions that working from life will help answer.  However, the two classes can also be taken independently.

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